Czech balancing blocks C.1960


Archive object taken from the Camberwell Collection: 'Tofa' balance building set consisting of fifteen irregular stackable pine blocks packaged within a rectangular card box. In order to fully explore the potential forms achieved by playing with these shape measurements of the original shapes were made and scale replicas produced, thus allowing me to explore the relationships between the various loose shapes and potential forms via balancing the shapes.


By exploring the potential forms generated from the shapes, I have compartmentalized the potential structures into three groups of difficulty: From basic builds, intermediate and advanced builds. This was taken further by creating three bespoke play surfaces / balance arenas for the blocks: A horizontal (easy) surface marked by a blue rim, an intermediate (yellow) and advanced (red) the gradient of the play area determines the difficulty and alters the nature in which the irregular shapes interact with each other giving way to different achievable structures.

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