Laurence Jordan


Studying in his final year at UAL Camberwell Laurence is a graphic designer who took the advice of not sticking to ones own comfort zone to its logical conclusion: Finding  comfort in mercurially striding between various mediums and processes.


During his exploits, Laurence has found himself growing tin crystals via electro chemistry. Revealing the age of an Oak tree by creating prints from its charred cross-section. Generated a bespoke music notation system dictated via bacterial growth patterns within a Petri dish and on the side he is attempting to master the German language.


The cannon is loaded and the working world looms around the corner, just past the dark alley of  graduation. Laurence is wondering how he's going to make a living out of his tin crystal collection and hopes selling some of his prints will dampen the blow of poverty. Laurence is a Leo: Laurence has curly hair...



Phone: 07929 128863






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